‘boundary issues’ is the latest thought provoking release from girlhouse

The track is from the artist's brand new EP the second ep

The track is from the artist’s brand new EP the second ep

Having caught our eye as of late with her fun and thoughtful brand of lo-fi pop, girlhouse has returned with a brand new EP, aptly titled the second ep, and its anthemic opener ‘boundary issues’.

Lauren Luiz openers her EP with a statement on this track. At her most searing, and blistering, as she powers through a narrative about her lacking any real kind of boundaries and the consequences that that can cause. There is a real punchy, catchy nature to the track and the artist feels as bold and brash as ever, like someone with a heightened sense of confidence and self-assuredness in their work. From its euphoric hooks to its cathartic walls of sound, ‘boundary issues’ is the latest indication that girlhouse is becoming a real force to be reckoned with.

Speaking about the new offering and EP, she said, “Every song on this ep is a lesson I learned while moving to a new city. When you move across the country there is a feeling of isolation and discombobulation for a while, I couldn’t figure out which way was north in Nashville for way too long. That experience teaches you a lot about yourself. ‘Boundary Issues’ is at the very beginning of this ep and was inspired by my lack of boundaries with strangers. Keke Palmer made a tiktok about how she doesn’t know how to get out of a conversation if someone starts making her feel uncomfortable and I had never related to internet content more. She says “please don’t because I have boundary issues and I need you to help me help myself, so please go away now”. She was the biggest inspiration for this song. Love her a ton for helping me feel seen. Eleventh Grade is the last song on the ep and is a bookend for that same idea. Boundary Issues is about my problems with setting boundaries with everyone, Eleventh Grade is more specifically about creating healthy boundaries in romantic relationships from my past and the feeling of being free from the judgement of others.”