Monica Aben – Postcards

California songstress Monica Aben reveals exceptional new EP 'Postcards'

California songstress Monica Aben reveals exceptional new EP ‘Postcards’

Californian artist Monica Aben takes listeners back to yesteryear in powerful new EP ‘Postcards‘.

Featuring ‘Reasons to Reminisce’ – a song that sees Monica stumbling on a thread of messages on an phone to discover how much she’s changed.

Receiving praise from the likes of Euphoria, Mystic Sons and B-Sides & Bad Lands, Monica Aben is destined to change the industry forever.

Revealing her thoughts on the new release, Monica shares, “Reasons to Reminisce was the first video we filmed for this era and the last song to be written that accidentally wound up on the Postcards EP.

I wrote the song after rediscovering messages from an almost lover and realizing the story I told myself, wasn’t how it was. The video encapsulates this with a 1960’s housewife (who is happily married and in love with her life) finding an old letter from an almost lover that she never knew existed.

She spends the whole day on an emotional rollercoaster where she struggles to escape the words of this letter, until she realizes there is freedom in forgiving yourself for your part in the past.

‘Postcards’ the EP is a collection of songs that were written in the heat of circumstance in places that changed my life. Each song is a sonic postcard from my past self to my present self – immortalizing the beautifully transformative moments in my life.”

There’s something for everyone in ‘Postcards’, and it certainly feels like a coming-of-age record.