‘concussion’ is the latest release from rapidly-rising bedroom-pop artist girlhouse

The track follows the artist's excellent comeback single 'happy now'

The track follows the artist’s excellent comeback single ‘happy now’

Lauren Luiz, better known as girlhouse, has announced her brand new EP the second ep, set for release on October 1st, alongside her excellent new release ‘concussion’.

The artist feels comfortably and authentically herself on the track, showing signs of vulnerability and openness but in an unfazed and nonplussed manner. If her debut EP was the artist introducing herself to the world, this one looks to be a more confident one that looks to build off the foundations previously set. There is a warmness to the sound, it is slow and brooding but seems to come from a place of acceptance and growth rather than pain, with girlhouse exuding a calm, coolness that permeates the track. The end result is a rousing and empowering piece of alternative pop that demonstrates the means and importance of healing and moving on.

Speaking about the new song, she said, “Concussion is about a monumentally shit day. My first and favorite car got smashed (it was a bright orange 81 Honda Civic with a stick shift), next thing I knew I was lying on the ground, being harassed by LA firemen while a woman was screaming at me calling me a dumb bitch. I just have no idea what happened, all I could think about was this person that had just broken my heart, somehow nothing else mattered. I think I used that relationship as a distraction in a big way, it was that moment where I realized that person was taking up a lot of mental real estate and I needed to make room for actual problems in my life and move on.”