‘dance in my room’ is the latest release from exciting electro-pop talent Gwyn Love

The track is from the artist's new album dimr

The track is from the artist’s new album dimr

Since she began releasing her music in 2020, Gwyn Love is an artist who has established herself as a real contender with her fun electro-pop sound. This has all led up to right now, with the release of her debut album dimr and its focus track ‘dance in my room’.

The vibrant and often thoughtful track manages to maintain a real sense of fun while slowing things down a little bit, with the artist’s blunt and pointed lyrics as cutting as ever. There is an ethereal and atmospheric quality to the measured approach here and the track feel like a dreamier turn for the multi-faceted singer-songwriter. The thoughtful release feels like the perfect launch off point for this new era in her sound, and showcases the artist’s willingness to continue to evolve and develop as an artist.