‘good luck rly’ showcases a more angsty, punk edge to Gwyn Love’s sound

The track is the artist's first since the release of her 2021 album dimr.

The track is the artist’s first since the release of her 2021 album dimr.

Infectious, endlessly fun and boundless in its appeal. These terms can all be used to describe both Gwyn Love and her new single ‘good luck rly’. The track is a collaboration with Toronto producer La+ch, and does a really stellar job of accenting the unique appeal from each of them.

There is a bitterness and a sense of frustration that seems to drive the sound and the narrative throughout, accented by the punk-edged guitars and razor sharp, electronic production. ‘good luck rly’ is a track that seems to borrow from around the sounds of rock and pop over the last 25 years, coming together to craft something that feels emphatic and packing a modern cutting edge. Gwyn Love has shown that she can skirt around the confines of pop and find a way to impose her fun, eclectic charm in a way that always feel engaging and exciting.

On the music video, Gwyn shares: “This video felt most true to who I am and how I see myself as an artist than any other video I have made. My good friend Max Hite directed the film and brought in all the right people to make the shoot go smoothly and also just have a really fun time doing it. My bandmates and I hit it off so well and I honestly would change nothing about the video except maybe the fact I got a concussion at the second location and still managed to finish out the shoot. Pretty metal!