‘Tenfold’ is the thoughtful new electronic indie release from Harvey Causon

The track follows his excellent latest release 'Corinthians'

The track follows his excellent latest release ‘Corinthians’

Having spent time as an assisted Coronavirus tester, Harvey Causon is somebody who has had a firsthand view of the global pandemic and some of the affects and tolls that it has had in the UK. The artist’s latest release, ‘Tenfold’ is inspired by these experiences and the ebb and flow as cases would rise and drop sporadically.

There is a disoriented sense of discomfort and uncertainty in the track, echoed by its uneasy pairing of piano chords and electronic percussion. These unprecedented times feel represented within the sound and the uneasy uncertainty of it, with a huge, soaring chorus anchoring the whole thing together.

“Working as an assisted coronavirus tester across the country gave me a very dystopian view of the whole situation and a very physical understanding of the waves of cases with us testing up to six hundred a day in winter to next to zero in other times.” describes Harvey. “Seeing the effects firsthand formed the basis of Tenfold. The artwork conveys the sense of losing space and time in the testing cabins and the ominous red lights come from the heaters used in the winter overnight.”