‘In My Head’ is a powerful and moving new release from Holly Wild

The track is from the artist's upcoming debut EP Wild. 

The track is from the artist’s upcoming debut EP Wild.

On the lush new single ‘Inside My Head’, Holly Wild continues to showcase the pop sensibilities and infectious personality that has made the artist such a lauded and exciting indie pop talent ahead of the release of her debut EP Wild.

The track is packed full of personality and charm, with the artist’s thoughtful lyrics and potent songwriting making for a moving listening experience that feels unerringly real and memorable. Compounded with the catchy nature of the artist’s sound and an inescapably intoxicating chorus, this makes for one of the most rousing releases that you’re likely to hear anytime soon, and proof that the Holly’s sound just continues to grow more and more powerful as she comes into her own as an artist.