‘Wakka’ is an explosive and riff-laden new release from garage rock trio Honeybadger

The track is the exiting rising outfit's third release of 2023.

The track is the exiting rising outfit’s third release of 2023.

Having spent the last few years chipping away at the UK music scene with their riffy garage rock sound, Brighton trio Honeybadger have carved out a niche for themselves as an exciting alternative outfit with gritty and grungy undertones that feel both nostalgic and fiercely exciting.

Their latest single ‘Wakka’ exemplifies everything that makes the outfit feel so exciting, with sound that has a polished sound while also that inherent rawness and edge that feels volatile and explosive. It is easy to imagine the chaos of hearing the tracks pounding rhythms in a sweaty life setting, with its dominating guitars and frontman Eddy’s compelling vocals making for a relentless track that never lets up throughout its duration. Honeybadger boast a sound that is packed full of impact and flair throughout, putting their own spin on spiky, punk-influenced garage rock that resonates with purists and fans of a more modern sound alike, and this new track just continues to establish their legacy as one of the UK’s most engrossing rising bands.