‘Fucked Up Summer’ is a thoughtful and immersive sophomore release from Imaginary Friends

The track follows the duo's 2022 debut single 'Gone'.

The track follows the duo’s 2022 debut single ‘Gone’.

Imaginary Friends is the pairing of Alyjah Adams and Chris Link, an alternative pop band that came together on Craigslist and is in the process of establishing their thought-provoking and emotion stirring sound. Their first release ‘Gone’ was released last year to acclaim, and now the young outfit have released ‘Fucked Up Summer’, a track that continues to establish their distinctive appeal.

On the instantly alluring and thoughtful sophomore single, the duo do a great job of capturing the way that it feels to feel a little bit lost and lonely as you try to navigate who you are. This track has a melancholy kind of rawness to it that feels authentic and real, exploring themes like isolation and growing up in a manner that feels easy to resonate with thanks to its down to earth portray of real issues. The laid-back nature of the sound and the thoughtful production just enhances this endearing sense of personality and earnestness, with ‘Fucked Up Summer’ packing the perfect amount of style and substance to become your bittersweet end of summer anthem.