‘Sick Love’ is a thoughtful and endearingly earnest new release from Tessa Rae

The track continues to showcase the artist's striking and powerful vulnerability.

The track continues to showcase the artist’s striking and powerful vulnerability.

On her effortlessly engrossing and intimate new piano ballad ‘Sick Love’, Tessa Rae taps into her most relatable and emotional tendencies as she explores a the up and down nature of a relationship with the kind of vulnerability and charm that feels instantly stirring and alluring.

There is an almost childlike nature to the sound, such is its sense of vulnerability and almost nursery rhyme style, making for a disarming listening experience that feels almost secretive due to its intimate delivery and candid lyrics. All of these things come together to make for a sound that feels unique and special in its approach, soft and powerful in equal measure thanks to the deftness of Tessa’s writing and appeal, and boasting a delicate, endearing edge that feels both personal and universal.