‘Home’ is a gloriously rousing and soulful new release from Issara

The track is from the stellar artist's upcoming debut LP 222.

The track is from the stellar artist’s upcoming debut LP 222.

Fiercely unique and packing an effortlessly captivating soulful sound, Issara is an artist that channels her multi-cultural heritage and upbringing into creating a style that feels distinctive and alluring while having an instantly memorable, familiar appeal that feels timeless.

The latest release from the artist is the stirring ‘Home’, a track that is packed full of nostalgia and warmth throughout, as she details a life of love, compassion and friendship that has travelled around the world, but always found home with the people she loves. This relatable and gorgeous narrative is matched perfectly by the resonating appeal of her lush, soulful sound, making for a release that feels as emotionally poignant and powerful as it is sonically irrepressible. A masterful showcase of an artist who’s stunning songwriting, timeless allure and powerful vocals make for an emotional spectacle that stays with you for long after your listen.