Lola Wild teams up with Americana artist Robert Chaney on her stirring sophomore single ‘Here I Go’

The track is from the artist's newly-announced upcoming debut EP Get Up.

The track is from the artist’s newly-announced upcoming debut EP Get Up.

With the release of her captivating and alluring new single ‘Here I Go’, rising UK artist Lola Wild continues to build momentum following the release of her stellar debut ‘Rendezvous’.

The artist’s tendency to meld her stunning vocals with hauntingly beautiful melodies makes for a striking and powerful sound that feels as emboldening as it does intimate, with her unique blend of alternative indie, folk, and dream pop setting her apart as a distinctive, special talent. The new single, featuring vocals from Americana & folk musician Robert Chaney has a relatable edge lyrically and highlights an effortless chemistry between the artists, exploring themes like separation, desire and passion with an enchanting allure.

Lola describes the song, saying, “I feel this is a relatable song for most people who have experienced a negative and frustrating shift in their relationship, showing signs of emotional separation and the disappointment that often arises when our desires are not being met. It implies a sense of resignation and a fear that you are missing out on something else.”