Izzy Warner drops flawless debut single ‘Brand New’

Completely encompassing from the off, the track is a complete bop and nothing less.

Debuts don’t get much better than this.

Meet North Londoner, Izzy Warner. We’re not saying she’s here to ‘save’ pop music per sae, but we’re predicting big things for the sleep pop artist.

With nods to Charli XCX (but with less autotune), and Lorde. There’s a euphoric feel to this track, an impressive feat for a debut single. Not to mention the lyrics are pretty spot on. They’ll worm their way into your mind in no time at all.

Completely encompassing from the off, the track is a complete bop and nothing less.

For those Eurovision fans, this might even sound familiar, as a cover version recently featured in that Will Ferrell film.  Not a bad placement to have before you’ve even released a track, right? Oh, and did we mention she’s also supported Cher?!

Speaking on the track Izzy explains, “Everyone has been expressing so much love for the song in the movie, so it made sense to put this track out first ahead of my debut EP! I’m super excited for everyone to hear it in its original iteration and give people a taste of what’s to come…This is the first song Karl and I wrote together so it feels like a great place to start! The song is about the conflict of wanting to let someone down gently but honestly. It explores the situation where someone expresses that they want to be in a relationship with you, but you feel they haven’t been through enough in life to truly connect with you… There’s nothing worse than suspecting you don’t know the real reason why someone broke up with you… So, when someone demands you tell them the truth, you feel compelled to but are also scared of hurting them. Brand New is about exploring the idea that maybe it’s ultimately better for both of you if the heart-breaker is unwaveringly honest. Instead of writing a classic break up ballad, I thought it’d be fun to write a disarmingly upbeat pop song. I love a challenge and hopefully, the lyrics resonate with people and make them want to either be braver in difficult situations or at the very least, dance out their bruised hearts! Haha”