Jacob Miller and Rachel Fannan collaborate to haunting and devastating effect on ‘Sacred Regard’

The duo's styles come together seamlessly on the new release

The duo’s styles come together seamlessly on the new release

Displaying an otherworldly level of chemistry and poise, progressive folk artist Jacob Miller and rock singer-songwriter Rachel Fannan have seamlessly teamed up to create the powerful new single ‘Sacred Regard’.

The duo sound like they have been collaborating for years on the track, effortlessly complimenting each other’s styles and vocals. The track itself, one of longing and regret following a potential romantic relationship never materialising, is punctuated by the haunting and resoundingly powerful vocal performances from the two singers, cast as the would-be lovers, and selling its narrative expertly with their distant, almost hypnotic performances. ‘Sacred Regard’ is a rousing and often spellbinding track that sucks you in and holds you close until it delicately fades away into the distance.

Telling the story of a missed connection and a romantic “could-have-been”, “Sacred Regard” shows two hearts finding chemistry over wine and conversation…. eventually finding comfort in longing for the one night they had together. “Sometimes I come up with what I should have said at the moment months later when I’m writing a song about the person or situation,” says Fannan while speaking about her inspiration behind the song. “‘Sacred Regard’ is that look that falls over your face when the other persons not looking, and you’re just tripping out on how beautiful they are.”

Miller also finds a sense of nostalgia in the single, one that he believes is relatable to a lot of people. “Between the vocal harmonies, verb-ed out guitar textures, and lost-love themes, this song holds true to elements of songwriting and storytelling that are hard to find in the modern-day,” says Miller.