‘Hate Me’ continues to establish Jalle’s distinctive and cutting edge sound

The track is the artist's first release since his breakout debut EP Hey

The track is the artist’s first release since his breakout debut EP Hey

Nottingham-based rapper and songwriter Jalle (pronounced ‘Yah-Lee’) looks set to take the scene by storm with his unique and cutting edge style.

Latest release ‘Hate Me’ is the artist’s first since the release of his 2020 debut EP Hey, and continues the stellar work that the artist has done to establish his killer sound. The track is a soul-baring look at the deterioration of a relationship, brought to life by the artist’s commanding vocals and the colourful palette of the track’s soundscape. His unique blend of gritty story telling and immediately catchy pop sensibilities really carves out a sound that feels distinctly Jalle from the offset. The track is another big win for the artist, now signed to Warner Music, this looks to be just the beginning for Jalle.

Jalle says about the track: “Hate me is about my last relationship. It came to a very sour end ; arguments, nearly getting back together, the word hate being thrown around. It’s about having to deal with all those repercussions. Really, we weren’t ready for love so we had to cut each other out.”