‘Swallow’ is a subversive and clever new release from the undeniable Jaguar Jonze

The track is from the artist's acclaimed new album BUNNY MODE.

The track is from the artist’s acclaimed new album BUNNY MODE.

With her cutting edge sound that packs a hell of a bite, and a commanding and all-encompassing personality and charisma, we’re running out of superlatives to describe multi-faceted Taiwanese-Australian artist Jaguar Jonze¬†and her unerringly consistent output.

The latest of which is her new single ‘SWALLOW’, a clever release that subverts the male-gaze and flips it on its head. As always, the artists astute social commentary and observations are pointed and devastating, and the raucous nature of her explosive sound does a great job of cementing the defiant nature of the track and the artist’s attitude.