JANE tackles mental overwhelm in ‘BROKEN SYSTEMS’

The track follows earlier outing 'MANCHILD'

The track follows earlier outing ‘MANCHILD’

Rising pop artist JANE returns with the deceptively playful pop of ‘BROKEN SYSTEMS’. The track follows this year’s earlier outing ‘MANCHILD’.

The solo project of New York City-based singer-songwriter Jane Watson, the artist is making good on her ambition to get people dancing with contemplative pop. ‘BROKEN SYSTEMS’ is no different; underpinned by a stomping beat and meandering keys, bright synths decorate the track as they build to a corker of a chorus.

“‘BROKEN SYSTEMS’ makes me really happy and really sad,” explains Watson of her latest single. “Musically, it is probably my favourite song that I have produced. It is made of relatively few tracks, but they all come together to make a really heavy-hitting experience. It is intense and fun and makes you want to move. But then you listen to the lyrics and they’re devastating.

“I wrote this song in January of 2020 because I needed to process everything I was thinking about at the time—systemic racism, economic exploitation, rampant sexism, and governing systems that take no responsibility for anything—and I didn’t want to do it alone,” she continues. “I want this to be a song that people use to come together, to grieve and process, to dance and release, and to ultimately get so pissed off that they have no other option but to act.”

‘BROKEN SYSTEMS’ is available now.