Jane Hobson continues to establish her raw, captivating sound on ‘If You Ask’

The track follows the release of her last single 'Out Loud'.

The track follows the release of her last single ‘Out Loud’.

Since stepping out on her own and trying to navigate the world of releasing music as a solo artist, Wisconsin’s Jane Hobson¬†has established herself as an artist with a lush alternative folk sound that feels rich in personality and charm. There is something really earnest and honest about Jane’s sound, whether that is from the stripped back nature of it or the raw, conversational nature of the lyrics. Her track’s feel like a glimpse into her inner workings and thoughts, and it makes for a really engaging listening experience.

A gorgeous example of everything that makes the artist’s sound tick is her latest single ‘If You Ask’, a poignant tale of unrequited love that sees the artist painstakingly creating its world and narrative with her soft vocals and intricate storytelling. The track comes complete with a quirky and creative claymation and stop-motion music video that adds to the endearing and distinctive nature of the project and track. Jane Hobson may not be a name that has caught on fire just yet, but more releases like this are sure to win over whatever listeners they reach.