JAWNY’s ‘Sabotage’ is a pop bop of regret

It follows recent outing 'Anything You Want'...

It follows recent outing ‘Anything You Want’…

Slacker-pop rocker JAWNY returns with the catchy new single ‘Sabotage’. The track follows his recent outing ‘Anything You Want’.

One of the musical monikers of Bay Area musician Jacob Sullenger (who also goes by the name of Johnny Utah), new single ‘Sabotage’ is an immediately invigorating earworm of a track. Underpinned by baggy beats and playful, sing-a-long melodies, the track bops its way through energised riffing and Sullenger’s bitter dictation. As regret goes, this one sounds pretty sweet.

“‘Sabotage’ is probably my most honest song on the entire project,” shares Sullenger of the new track. “I was feeling really defeated in the room that day, and I feel like the song kinda embodies that.”

‘Sabotage’ is available now via Interscope.