‘b-day’ is a thoughtful and melancholy new release from alt-pop artist Jewel Owusu

The track follows the release of the artist's lauded previous single 'hurts'.

The track follows the release of the artist’s lauded previous single ‘hurts’.

Vibrant soundscapes and thoughtful lyrics have become something of a trademark for Filipino-Ghanaian singer-songwriter Jewel Owusu, boasting a sound that has both style and substance in abundance as she continues to carve out a path for herself as one of alternative pop’s premiere emerging artist.

The latest release from Jewel is ‘b-day’, a bittersweet and anthemic single that explores themes like growing up and not managing to find joy in experiences and occasions like birthdays that should feel exciting and invigorating. This relatable feeling is one that is perfectly encapsulated through the sound, with its upbeat and fun, poppy appeal masking a sense of melancholy sadness that you can’t quite manage to shake off. It is this thoughtful and multi-faceted nature that has made the artist such a breakout success over the last few years, with each new release feeling like a new chapter in a thoughtful story that is unfolding over time as we find out more about the artist and her way of thinking.