‘Baby Teeth’ is a dynamic and fierce new release from Zoe Ko

The track is from the vibrant and exciting artist's upcoming debut EP.

The track is from the vibrant and exciting artist’s upcoming debut EP.

Thanks to the endlessly melodic and personality-filled flavour of her exciting alternative pop-rock style, Zoe Ko is rapidly establishing herself as a refreshing jolt of adrenaline in the modern music scene, with her infectious melodies and angsty charm earning the artist favourable comparisons to artists like Hayley Williams and Olivia Rodrigo, with all three of the artist’s boasting their own unique style and distinctive, engaging appeal.

The latest release from the artist is ‘Baby Teeth’, a relatable and instantly endearing track that sees the artist exploring the way that she holds onto some of her less desirable and healthy traits and habits in resonating and honest fashion. Her track has this delectably poppy appeal while counteracting it with this more spiky, alternative edge that feels inspired and exciting throughout, with her sound having enough traits of each style and pulling it off so well that is feels destined for a wide-reaching, crossover appeal. ‘Baby Teeth’ is as raw and honest as it is exciting, and continues to establish the exciting, distinctive edge of Zoe Ko and her sound as we edge towards the release of her upcoming debut EP.

“This is an introspective song on which I call myself out for holding onto bad habits, past traumas and deep-seated insecurities,” shares Zoe. “I went through so many changes in my life in the past year and a half and finally stepped into the person I was supposed to be. Growth and transformation can be terrifying because it means you must let go of a lot of stuff from your past that made you who you are.”