‘Sitcom Wife’ is a defiant and empowering new single from the exciting Bashlow

The track follows the artist's similarly engaging last single 'Parliaments'.

The track follows the artist’s similarly engaging last single ‘Parliaments’.

The idea in the media of what women are “supposed” to be is something that many people find super outdated and constricting, and exciting alt-pop artist Bashlow has decided to reject these tropes and expectations on her latest single ‘Sitcom Wife’, making for an empowering and powerful message on autonomy and being able to do whatever you want without feeling like you have to be somebody else’s idea of perfect if it means being subdued and compliant.

The thoughtful message of the track pairs itself really nicely with the artist’s forward thinking alternative pop sound, with the artist making a statement both with her words and her creative, melodic style. This theme of empowerment courses through the veins of the track, and the defiance and strength in Bashlow’s vocals reinforces this message throughout in anthemic and resonating style. In 2023, women should be represented as more than just decorations, mothers and trophies that are there to look pretty and reinforce the status and worth of their spouse, and the track does a great idea of exploring this message and rejecting the outdated and archaic nature of these ideals while packing a slick and memorable edge sonically.