‘Horror Movie’ is a playful and creative new alt-pop release from Gia Darcy

The engaging new track is the exciting artist's fourth release of 2023.

The engaging new track is the exciting artist’s fourth release of 2023.

On her colourful and personality-filled latest single ‘Horror Movie’, exciting Syndey based singer-songwriter Gia Darcy compares the bizarre and incorrect decisions that she makes in life and love to those that the lead character would make in a horror movie, making for a memorable and slick piece of writing that creates this alluring juxtaposition that feels relatable and sharp.

In spite of its name, the track is actually a really playful and light showcase of the artist’s talents, playing off this idea that everyone can see the artist’s mistakes other than herself, not dissimilar to the feeling of shouting at the screen when you can see a horror movie character doing something needlessly dumb. The writing is smart, the sound is endlessly charming and melodic, and Gia Darcy continues to establish herself as an artist with an engaging, winning formula for crafting pop gold that sticks with you thanks to its thoughtful appeal and a sense of realism and heart. We love this new release and its resonating, all too real edge.