‘Plastic Straws’ is a bittersweet and alluring new release from Kacia

The track is the latest showcase of the thoughtful emerging artist's engaging sound. 

The track is the latest showcase of the thoughtful emerging artist’s engaging sound.

On the new single ‘Plastic Straws’, rousing rising artist Kacia continues to showcase the thoughtful and personal nature of his alternative pop sound and the earnest, relatable appeal that comes with it, continuing to blaze a trail as one of the more exciting emerging artists right now.

The guitar-led track has a nuanced and stripped-back kind of feel throughout, with this allowing the artist’s autobiographical and memorable lyrics to shine under the spotlight. ‘Plastic Straws’ explores the artist’s journey towards adulthood and the bittersweet ways that we move on from the things we enjoyed in our childhood, welcoming a world of uncertainty and unease as things change and our youthful innocence fades away. This makes for a harrowingly relatable and resonating release that is packed full of memorable moments and lyrical gems that will strike a chord with listeners. Kacia is still in his formative stages as an artist, but his sound boasts a real personable appeal that is each to latch onto and find comfort and a sense of oneness with, and it will be fun keeping an eye on the artist and how his sound and artistry develops.