‘No Lover’ showcases Jewelia at her soaring, infectious best

The track is the artist's first release of 2022.

The track is the artist’s first release of 2022.

Bursting with modern pop appeal and the artist’s unique charisma and personality, latest Jewelia single ‘No Lover’ sees the artist return in emphatic style on her first single of 2022.

The track feels infectious and exciting from its offset, bursting into its huge, catchy chorus and setting the tone with aplomb. ‘No Lover’ has an empowering feel to it that sees the artist denouncing the need to have someone else, asserting that she is fine how she is right now. There is an enthralling, forward-thinking pop sound here that also feels laced in nostalgia when the time calls for it, making for a package that feels like a love-letter to pop, with Jewelia’s distinctive flavour providing it with a real sense of uniqueness and cutting edge. Whether you’re here for the empowering lyrics, the catchy melodies, or the sheer sense of engaging pop fun, Jewelia’s latest single has a lot to love, and provides the artist with an emphatic return.