‘Healing’ is a raw and cathartic new release from Joe Bygraves

The track is just the latest showcase of the artist's devastatingly powerful style

The track is just the latest showcase of the artist’s devastatingly powerful style

With a raw and articulate sound that is characterised by how emotional and personal it often feels, Bedfordshire singer-songwriter Joe Bygraves into is an artist who has an innate ability to resonate with listeners and tap into some of their deepest and most relatable feelings, melding a soft appeal with soul-baring lyrics that have a universal appeal.

A really great example of this is the artist’s latest single ‘Healing’, a track that explores the all-too familiar experience of struggling to move on in the aftermath of a relationship, having to go the long way around your healing journey in cathartic and engrossing fashion. The vulnerability and earnest appeal of the artist sound makes for compelling and powerful listening, and the stripped-back instrumentation draws out every little bit of emotion from his impassioned vocals and provides him with the perfect platform to showcase his moving, raw charm.