Album Review: Boundless Brothers – Love & Monsters

UK trio Boundless Brothers showcase their musicianship and charm on their rousing debut album Love & Monsters

In late 2023, independent UK alternative pop-rock trio Boundless Brothers cemented their status as one of the regions exciting and dynamic rising artists with the release of their debut album Love & Monsters, a body of work blessed with a sound that feels both anthemic and thoughtful thanks to their distinctive nuance and appeal.

The first track on the album is ‘Oh My God’, a track that immediately establishes exactly what the band are about, complete with engrossing melodies, a timeless charming appeal, and lush harmonies that feel satisfying and alluring. The track has a stomping, anthemic feel to it throughout that sets the tone immaculately and has a powerful, effortlessly catchy edge.

The band are searching for optimism and something to change their fortunes on ‘Grey’, a stirring and thoughtful track that has a rousing feel throughout. The track does a great job of evoking this hopeful spirit through the sound, making for some really stellar upbeat moments to go with the thoughtful lyrics.

This inspiring and rousing tone continues into the following track ‘I’m On Fire’ albeit in a more subdued and ballad-esque fashion. The engrossing feel of the track and the way that it builds makes for compelling listening, and continues to demonstrate the band’s prowess when it comes to crafting tracks that grip you from the outset and never let go.

Things perk up on the charming ‘Mr Blurry Eyes’ and sultry ‘Only Love’, the former being an driven track that has a real flair and energetic appeal throughout, while the latter has more of an expansive rhythmic feel thanks to its creative appeal and the slick guitars. The track’s do a great job of showcasing just how different and expansive their acoustic sound that feel, effortlessly creating a range of moods and feelings without having to rely on bells and whistles.

‘Hold My Sins’ is another track that pinpoints just how intimate and thoughtful their sound can feel, pairing a gorgeously poised soundscape with soft vocals, making for one of the album’s most immersive and sweet moments. The track does a great job of pulling on heart-strings and adding another layer to an already varied and nuanced sound.

Their love for their craft and musicianship continues to be plainly evident on tracks like ‘Ghost’ and ‘Crying Shame’, both entirely different in their presentation and style but with the band’s distinctive personality and charm tying them together with the rest of the album. The album seems to specialise in putting together affable tracks that are both easy to listen to and relate to, and these tracks embody that ethos as much as anything else.

Following the more rock-edged and dynamic ‘Oh Dear’, the album closes with ‘Let Me Down Easy’, a triumphant and unique track that once again pushes their sound even further and reinforces their adventurous and memorable appeal. The mostly acoustic nature of their sound and style could easily have led to an album of tracks that feel similar and all kind of blend into one, but the musicianship and guile of Boundless Brothers has ensured that many of the tracks take on a life of their own, whether thanks to the distinctive feel and tone of the them or the nuances in the instrumentation, it makes for an album full of interesting stories about life and love that is more than matched by it sounds.