‘Sounds Wrong’ is an intimate and relatable new release from Josephine

The track is from the rising artist's excellent new EP lost?

The track is from the rising artist’s excellent new EP lost?

On her endearing and poignant new single ‘Sounds Wrong’, Josephine¬†explores the complexities that we can face trying to communicate with your partner in a relationship, often saying the wrong thing and not expressing yourself in a clear enough way.

There is a really immersive, stripped-back feel to the sound that lets the emotional weight of the track and the artist’s soft vocals take centre stage, evoking a folky acoustic feel that feels timeless and powerful. Everything here from its slow-burning, thoughtful pacing to the bittersweet, earnest nature of the intimate vocals and lyrics feels endearing and full of depth. The track is relatable and heartfelt, and showcases a slower, more considered side to Josephine’s sound that feels raw and packed full of realness and charm.