Justin Clancy continues to establish his cutting edge brand of alt pop on ‘Noose’

The track showcases yet more of the endlessly creative artist's potential

The track showcases yet more of the endlessly creative artist’s potential

Absolutely stacked full of rich, absorbing textures and a searing cutting edge, latest Justin Clancy release ‘Noose’ serves as yet another example of the fiercely powerful sound that the artist possesses.

Everything from its bleak and visceral lyrical imagery to the lush and undeniable sonic landscapes that they are juxtaposed against feels alarmingly fresh and vital. The new Hitskope Records signing feels as dynamic and exciting on his cutting edge as he ever has, and this really feels like the work of an artist beginning to truly reach the peak of his powers.

“Noose represents the not-so-perfect circle I have experienced throughout my lifetime. Often feeling as if that very same circle is a noose slowly killing me.” Justin says of the track “It’s a summation of my personal struggles and inner turmoil.”