‘Friends’ is a rousing new break-up single from the ever-captivating Katie Kittermaster

Katie Kittermaster doesn't write happy songs, but fortunately she doesn't write bad ones either.

Katie Kittermaster doesn’t write happy songs, but fortunately she doesn’t write bad ones either.

British singer-songwriter Katie Kittermaster has fast made a name for herself with her rousing and often melancholy brand of raw, emotive pop. Latest single ‘Friends’ sees the artist dissect the fallout of a break up, and continue an upward trajectory that has seen her become on of the most exciting emerging acts around.

The track possesses a candid honesty and a sobering sense of gravity that really drives home its heart-wrenching narrative. Both the lyrics and Katie’s impassioned vocal performance make for a lasting and rousing listening experience that really drives home the potential that Katie Kittermaster has.