‘Parking Lot’ is a fun new pop single from expansive rising artist Kelsie Kimberlin

The track continues to highlight the artist's exotic and fiery flair

The track continues to highlight the artist’s exotic and fiery flair

Her expressive, Latin-flavoured pop style has seen Ukranian-American artist Kelsie Kimberlin¬†establish herself as a fiercely unique and exciting modern artist who’s sound has a flair for the unique and expansive, with an aura of charisma and personality that ensures that it stand out from the pack.

The latest single from the artist is ‘Parking Lot’, an exotic and seductive track and video that is packed full of catchy charm, sultry rhythms, and an abundance of creativity and guile. The artist’s fiery blend of contemporary pop and Latin pop makes for truly compelling and dynamic listening that highlights the strength and appeal of both genres and their engrossing crossover appeal, continuing to showcase the immense potential of an already rapidly rising artist.