KIALLA are addictively sweet in ‘Kotton Kandy’

Watch their arresting new video...

Watch their arresting new video…

KIALLA return with their mesmerising new video for ‘Kotton Kandy’. Directed and conceptualised by themselves, the Russian-Iranian duo leave a strong mark with their new single and visuals.

Describing themselves as “two immigrants making illegal sounds in the heart of Chicago”, ‘Kotton Kandy’ poses a potent and unapologetic experience for all who hear it. Merging abrasive electronics with garage beats and an indelible hook, the track is at once alluring and aversive, yet Via’s vocal is undeniably sweet.

“‘Kotton Kandy’ takes place in a rose-colored environment—with a gothic twist—tinted by its underlying theme of destructive obsessions, and the comfort found in them,” share the band. “Kotton Kandy is an allegory for a seemingly sweet and innocent treat that can have damaging, sometimes poisonous effects on a person”.

‘Kotton Kandy’ is available now.