Kid Nobody embark on an adventure in ‘ready or not’

The South California duo preview forthcoming EP discretion...

The South California duo preview forthcoming EP discretion

Mysterious duo Kid Nobody share their ethereal new single ‘ready or not’. With only a handful of releases currently to their name, their latest outing previews their forthcoming debut EP discretion.

Marrying emotive keys and hazy vocals, ‘ready or not’ leisurely weaves around sparse percussion before diving into waves of lush synths and beats. As the track builds with urgency, it quickly transforms from a restrained ode to an electronic stomper.

“It’s hard for me not to love the lyrics and poetic nature of this song. I wrote ‘ready or not’ for my then girlfriend (now wife),” shares Michael Wilson of the band’s new single. “Our first few dates ended with us driving the canyons in the Santa Monica Mountains.

“There was just something so simple and pure about hitting the road with someone and having this shared anticipation, tension even, and then that being met with fading city lights, a dark open road, and just heading for an unknown horizon — it was thrilling and unexpected.”

‘ready or not’ is available now via Feltone.