King No-One bounce back on ‘Get You Right’

The track is a reminder to put yourself first.

The track is a reminder to put yourself first.

Indie trio King No-One bounce back with gusto in their anthemic new single ‘Get You Right’. The track is a bittersweet reminder to put yourself first.

Written in the aftermath of frontman Zach Lount being mugged, ‘Get You Right’ was his decided first step to recovery, mentally and physically. Despite being spurred from such a heavy incident, the track is a spritely slice of retro-tinged pop rock with shimmering synths, bouncy rhythm and bold, catchy chorus.

“’Get You Right’ is a song for anyone to relate to in their own way, that has felt low, insecure, or uninspired in recent times,” shares Lout. “It’s a bitter sweet message to focus and look after yourself.

“I wrote the song during lockdown after I was seriously attacked in a street mugging, it incurred a long physical and mental recovery cooped up in our tiny flat. So writing the song was my key to bouncing back, and once lockdown was lifted, we immediately hit the studio and finished the record.”

‘Get You Right’ is available now.