King No-One continue to showcase their brash indie rock appeal on ‘Neighbours’

The track follows their lauded 2022 release 'Dead Hotel'.

The track follows their lauded 2022 release ‘Dead Hotel’.

With a sound that feels like a love-letter to indie rock ranging from artists like The Cure and The Smiths to more contemporary artists like Circa Waves, King No-One have taken the genre and made it feel entirely their own with a brash sense of personality and guile.

The latest release to showcase this style is their new single ‘Neighbours’, an emphatic and unapologetic ode to being yourself and not caring what anyone thinks about it. The brash nature of their sound is in full force, stacked full of emphatic riffs, huge hooks and an indelible sense of charm and fun that has come to characterise King No-One and their sound. Add in some lyrics featuring anecdotes and personal stories, and an amusing music video, and there are all of the hallmarks here for an instant cult hit.

They say: “Neighbours is about letting go of fears of people’s expectations of yourself. In that little way where society tries to bend you into the person that they want you to be. Neighbours boast an arrogant reply of ‘Surprise, you don’t know us at all, now F**k off’ A song for all the people who’ve felt society has forced them into a jar instead of trying to understand them. The story metaphor is inspired by the most horrific NYE party we’ve ever had where Zach drove a toy car through James’ bedroom door.”