‘Make It Work’ continues to showcase Swiss Banks and their timeless brand of indie rock

The track is the fourth release from the promising band.

The track is the fourth release from the promising band.

On their fourth single ‘Make It Work’, US indie rock outfit Swiss Banks have roared out of the gate with what is perhaps the most realised and engaging showcase of their excellent sound to date.

The outfit’s style of indie rock feels like a decidedly modern love letter to artists like The Smiths and Interpol, boasting the kind of moody post-punk sensibilities that feel both timeless and effortlessly captivating. ‘Make It Work’ is packed full of driving riffs, engaging hooks, and a yearning sense of longing that feels gripping throughout, making for a package that feels wrapped in both style and substance. In the saturated modern music scene, guitar rock that carries that kind of authenticity and charm can often feel like a dying art, but bands like Swiss Banks provide a hope that it can to continue to thrive with stellar, thoughtful work like this.

“This song really unifies the band more than any other. It really has the essence of what we all want, and probably represents the coalescence of all of our individual desires more than any other on the album,” the band says.

“The lyrics were written in almost one straight stream of consciousness shot,” singer/songwriter Adam Buhrman continues. “I think of someone who has been victimized and experienced significant trauma, especially in a way that damages the ability to form intimate relationships that require trust and vulnerability with another.”