Layzi and her unique sound continue to shine on ‘Hide & Seek’

The track follows the artist's excellent last release 'Shoes'

The track follows the artist’s excellent last release ‘Shoes’

Boasting a really unique and quirky sound that manages to feel both cluttered full of sounds and effortlessly engaging and fun, Layzi has truly carved out a niche for herself with her memorable bedroom pop sound that feels distinctly her own.

On her latest release ‘Hide & Seek’, Layzi details a long distance relationship that takes a toll on her as it dragged out over a long period of time and mainly took place over the internet. There are a plethora of notification sounds that are interspersed within the sound, both fitting seamlessly with Layzi’s distinctive sound and aiding this narrative of living online and through notifications. ‘Hide & Seek’ is a fun track that continues to establish the artist as someone to keep a close eye on.