‘How Do You Sleep?’ is a spellbinding and haunting new alt-pop release from Lily Lane

The track is from the artist's acclaimed new EP Queen of Hearts. 

The track is from the artist’s acclaimed new EP Queen of Hearts.

Lily Lane is an artist who has consistently established and re-established herself as an artist with a killer, cutting-edge sound and an attitude and drive to match, boasting a back catalogue stacked full of captivating and thoroughly engaging tracks.

The latest addition to her arsenal is the sultry and haunting pop bop ‘How Do You Sleep?’, the 3rd track from her sophomore EP Queen of Hearts. The track is absolutely stacked full of modern pop appeal, from its swirling, almost sinister instrumentation to her dominating vocal performance, everything about the track and Lily here feels fervently exciting and fresh. ‘How Do You Sleep?’ is a harrowing tale of betrayal, anger and injustice, and one of Lily Lane’s most spectacular and memorable releases to date.