‘Change###’ is the latest display of explosive power from MONOWHALES

The track is from the outfit's upcoming new LP Tunnel Vision. 

The track is from the outfit’s upcoming new LP Tunnel Vision.

Juno Award winning indie rock outfit MONOWHALES have been on something of a tear as of late, consistently releasing emphatic and exciting releases that further cement their status as one of Canada’s most exciting acts right now.

Latest single ‘Change###’ continues to live up to the hype ahead of the release of their upcoming new album Tunnel Vision, and does a stellar job of building towards its emphatic and explosive climax. As you would expect with the band by now, the track is packed full of enticing melodies, thoughtful sonic intricacies, and a brooding sense of impending devastation that pays off in a hugely satisfying and cathartic fashion. More impactful excellence from an outfit that have made that their MO.