‘Magic’ is a thoughtful and deceptively dark new release from littleuniverses

The track is from the artist's upcoming self-titled debut album. 

The track is from the artist’s upcoming self-titled debut album.

As she continues to build up anticipation for the release of her upcoming self-titled debut album, littleuniverses has released the gorgeous and immersive new single ‘Magic’, a track inspired by the beauty of nature.

The Montreal-based artist’s ethereal and captivating sound is on full display on the track,with her softly powerful vocals flanked by guitars, tubular bells and cello to craft a soundscape that feels as magical as the title would suggest. There is a cinematic kind of scope to the track, but also an intimacy within the poignant sense of closeness and darkness as it progresses, making for a transfixing listening experience that grips you early on and never lets go. The album is slated for release in February, and judging from what we’ve heard so far we could be in for something really special and distinctive.