LØLØ shines on the incredibly catchy breakup anthem ‘Hate U’

 'Hate U' is the second single from her upcoming sophomore EP Permanent Damage.

 ‘Hate U’ is the second single from her upcoming sophomore EP Permanent Damage.

‘Hate U’ is a track that is deftly handled by LØLØ in a number of ways. From its guitars to its no-fucks-given attitude, the track has a cutting edge and a sharpness that is often not really found in contemporary pop. ‘Hate U’ is a track that is fueled by bitterness and anger, but for all of the hate and bile, there is a sunny, colourfulness about it that ensures that the track is as captivating and fun anything else. The track is a three-dimensional riot that melds its sharp edges with its warm poppy inside masterfully. Hating somebody has never felt so enticing or catchy.

On the track LØLØ notes: “Human nature has always got us thinking about things we want, and know we can’t have…why are we like this? There’s nothing worse than trying to ignore those feelings, especially when you’ve fallen for someone you’re not supposed to fall for. We blame it on the universe and shitty timing. We blame late nights and too much alcohol. In the end, we’re just looking for a bandaid—anything to make us feel better about it. In my situation, I wanted to feel something with this person, but love just wasn’t an option, so the only thing left to do was to channel all those feelings into absolutely hating them, and convincing myself that what I was feeling was never love in the first place. Hate U is the anthem for all us sorry suckers that never end up getting what we want.