Loose Fit ‘Pull The Lever’ on their energetic sound

The Australian four-piece join Fat Cat Records.

The Australian four-piece join Fat Cat Records.

Australian post-punk quartet Loose Fit share their new single ‘Pull The Lever’. Their debut is also their first since signing to Fat Cat Records.

Propelled forth by a funky yet sturdy bassline, the track pre-empts an EP to drop this April and is decorated with toe-tapping rhythms and bouncy beats. Artsy and fun, ‘Pull The Lever’ introduces vocalist Anna Langdon as a poignant presence to keep an eye on.

“Apps on our phones are designed like slot machines. It’s addictive and exciting to play a dating app,” explains Landon of the lyrics. “Refreshing or swiping is like pulling the lever of a slot machine to see what you got. That design is no accident in an attention economy.

“‘Pull The Lever’ was probably the first song we wrote where we felt we had kinda cracked open the ‘Loose Fit sound’ and found out what it was. We were trying to toe the line between moodiness and danceability.”

‘Pull The Lever’ is available now via Fat Cat Records.