‘Wind on the Hill’ is an expansive and free-flowing new single from Love Trip

The track follows the release of the duo's well-received debut single 'Desert Heart'

The track follows the release of the duo’s well-received debut single ‘Desert Heart’

Living in a van and powered by solar power, indie-folk duo Love Trip¬†have an eclectic and whimsical appeal that shines through their work and leaves it full of character and distinctive, infectiously fun appeal. Having emerged back in February with their debut single ‘Desert Heart’, the duo have blessed us again with their stunning sophomore single ‘Wind on the Hill’, a similarly off-kilter and joyous track that feels quite unlike anything you’re likely to hear anytime soon.

The track is ravaged full of stylistic left turns and unexpected moments, such is the flowing and wholly authentic feel of their groove-laden, mischievous sound. Between Will’s flute and Mary’s expansive vocals, the duo have created a sound that defies genre and feels entirely their own, incorporating a range of ideas and styles to unleash tracks that feel almost like living and breathing things in their own right, evolving and mutating in real time in a way that feels almost improvisational, while never feeling jarring or making a mis-step.