‘Swim’ is an affable track about the fear and excitement that comes with a crush from Maya Salafia

The track follows the release of the artist's lauded 2022 single 'Everlasting'

The track follows the release of the artist’s lauded 2022 single ‘Everlasting’

On her engrossing new single ‘Swim’, rising indie-folk artist Maya Salafia explores the intoxicating and disorienting feeling of having a crush on someone, and how larger than life and off guard the emotions and feelings can make you feel, making for a rousing and relatable single for anyone that has had the same giddy feelings and uncontrollable attraction.

The artist’s easy-going charm and charisma gives the track a light and breezy tone, and the folky nature of the soundscape gives it a real sense of authenticity and rawness that aids in the vulnerability and honesty of the narrative. The track really captures the essence of someone caught in the fear and elation that come with such emotions in equal measure, and creates a track that explores such a situation with a sense of fun and energy that will remind listeners of the times that they’ve felt similar ways and reminisce. The catchy and instantly memorable nature of the sound doesn’t do it any harm either.