‘All We Got’ is a funky, groove-laden new release from LOVETA

The track is the exciting artist's fourth release of 2022.

The track is the exciting artist’s fourth release of 2022.

We’ve already talked a lot on this site about New Zealand pop powerhouse LOVETA and how she is a wildly exciting new face in contemporary music, but every new release that she brings to the fore manages to bring with it an effortlessly captivating charm and appeal that feels impossible to ignore.

The latest of which is the artist’s new single, the irresistibly catchy ‘All We Got’. Facets of funk and dance are woven within the fabric of the sound, providing a really slick amalgamation of 70s disco and modern pop in a way that feels revitalisingly fresh and exciting. The effortlessly fun bounce of LOVETA’s sound feels as rewarding and exciting on each new track that the artist brings out, and lends itself perfectly to the tracks narrative of fantasy romances, mystery lovers and summer flings.