BARA HARI and her endless creativity shine on new track and video ‘Tempest’

The track the first single from the artist's forthcoming LP Lesser Gods. 

The track the first single from the artist’s forthcoming LP Lesser Gods.

On this rousing and memorable triumph of what a DIY artist can achieve, BARA HARI showcases her truly unique sense of creativity and guile on her new track and music video ‘Tempest’. The track itself is entirely self-produced, whereas every costume and the storm set pieces from the video were handmade by the artist, making for an entirely authentic and one of a kind experience.

The track itself is cinematic and intense, exploring the conflict of losing friends and these people becoming adversaries in the artist’s signature, theatrical fashion. ‘Tempest’ has a distinctive dark pop feel to it that feels both anthemic and brooding, capturing BARA HARI’s unique artist vision and its essence perfectly. The artist’s propensity to blur the lines between fact and fiction, marrying of fantasy and reality, makes for a listening experience that feels almost otherworldly, or from another time, and elevates an already stellar track to multi-faceted experience that feels full of character and life.