‘Woman In The Van’ is a carefree and fun new single from Luna Keller

The artist's alluring folk-pop charm shines through her new release.

The artist’s alluring folk-pop charm shines through her new release.

Inspired by a friend of the artist who travels Europe in her van with her cat, latest Luna Keller single ‘Woman In The Van’ celebrates the art of following your heart and doing whatever makes you happy, following the road ahead of you no matter how eccentric or weird it may seem.

The track has this effortlessly captivating bounce to it, radiating good vibes throughout and highlighting the feel-good appeal of Luna and her sound. Its carefree narrative and sound combine together to make for a listening experience that uplifts and beguiles listeners, while its inspirational narrative and the unique charisma and personality of the artist ensure that it leaves a lasting, memorable impression. ‘Woman In The Van’ is a gorgeous bit of storytelling and songwriting that feels as thoughtful as it does alluring, as it continues to highlight the endearing edge to Luna Keller and her distinctive style.