‘Easily Bruised’ is an alluring and intimate new indie-folk single from Maddie Morris

The track is from the rising indie-folk artist's captivating new album Skin

The track is from the rising indie-folk artist’s captivating new album Skin

On their stirring and instantly captivating new track ‘Easily Bruised’, Leeds indie-folk artist Maddie Morris continues to establish their unique and boundary pushing brand of socially conscious music, has provided them with a reputation for championing inclusivity and tackling contemporary issues.

There is an alluring and hopeful feel to the sound throughout, with the artist’s stunning vocals drawing you in with their effortlessly conversational nature. The track feels intimate and thoughtful throughout, as the artist bares their soul and wears their heart on their sleeve alongside an instantly compelling and memorable folk sound. ‘Easily Bruised’ is a stellar glimpse into the artist’s new album Skin, and a warm reminder of the engrossing artistry and composure of Maddie Morris.