Marian Hill gear up for EP release with ‘was it not’

Marian Hill have released a dark and sultry number in 'was it not' as they give us a preview of what to expect from their upcoming EP.

It will be the first headline tour for the 21-year-old singer-songwriter.

New York’s Marian Hill are getting ready to release a brand new EP to us, exciting stuff! But first, we’ve been treated to brand new effort ‘was it not’.

The track certainly brings with it a new, more advanced sound than that of their previous material. It seems the duo are looking to move away from their alt-electronic box and push the boundaries of their sound.

The EP is set for release this March, but until then, ‘was it now’ is going to keep us very excited for what’s to come from this very talented duo.

On the track producer/songwriter Jeremy Lloyd, explains, “‘Was It Not’ is a song we’ve wanted to make for a long time. It pulls deeply from the jazz influences we started from – it sounds like a dark, smokey club and the vocal slices through that texture like butter. It’s about considering a relationship from long ago – remembering how we were so in love, and that person was everything to us, only now when we think about that one time…was that moment them? Or are we mixing it up with another fragment from our past? It’s about feeling a yearning for what once was, but only for a second, because you remember why you left it in the past, and who you are now. It lives in a strange emotional in-between and we love it. A lot.”