‘the life and death of a dog’ is a creative and off-kilter new release from maxime.

The track is from the artist's upcoming third album of the same name.

The track is from the artist’s upcoming third album of the same name.

Yes! More words about maxime.

This is the *checks notes* 13th(!) time that I written about about the Montreal based bedroom pop artist, and each and every new track he releases seems to add something new and exciting to the fore that expands upon and diversifies his sound in some way. (it is also very hard to write about an artist this many times without cringing at yourself and feeling like you’re saying the same thing over and over again).

The artist’s latest single is ‘the life and death of a dog’, the title track of his upcoming third EP and one that samples significantly more woofing than the average song (the more you know). In all seriousness, the track has this really cool abrasive quality to it, almost akin to the work of The Garden at times with its offbeat weirdness and intense vocal inflections. There is a creative, melodic edge to the track as always with maxime., but these moments are offset with these altogether more intense moment where the artist hounds you (pun intended) with beats that feel as groovy as they do dark, oozing with cutting edge flavour and distinctive appeal.